Grafana Streaming Plugin

Feb 21, 2021 Nicht kategorisiert

Today we present you a WebSocket based plugin for the new Grafana 7.4 Streaming feature. This will allow you to send live data to your Grafana dashboard which will be shown with up to 30 frames per second. This could revolutionize the way we think Grafana at the moment. If you are in a local network you could send a beautiful live graph of the CPU/Mem load of your server rack, for debugging you could connect your Arduino Board with a server and see the live data of a plugged-in sensor and you could display data with much more precision, not one data point per minute but 100 a second.

In the GitHub Repo you will find the source code of the Plugin written in TypeScript, an example server written in C# and an example App also written in C# with the experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings which creates a WebSocket Server, access the gyroscope of your Android or iPhone and send it’s data live to the Grafana Client. Also included is a docker-compose which will compile all the code above – so you do not need to install any dependencies, except of Docker itself.

We decided to make this project free and open source for everyone because we though it’s an idea worth sharing and we believe supporting each other and work together gets us much further. Feel free to Star, Comment or Fork.

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