About us

The hse-electronics GmbH consists of a dynamic team that has many years of experience in various areas of hardware and software development. This includes expertise in the development of embedded systems, special sensors and dashboards.

Since it was founded in 2001, hse-electronics GmbH has specialized in the development of embedded systems. These are microcontrollers that can be found in devices of all kinds: from washing machines to vehicles and industrial plants to medical devices. Hse-electronics GmbH supports you in the entire development process: together with you, we create specifications, circuit diagrams, prototypes and accompany you through series 0 up to series production. Over the years we have developed the following products, among others: FLASHit, HEXit, CanTrax, the AC-Tester and the PLC-Tracer (eMobility).

We are experts in the field of autonomously operated, radio-based sensors (such as conductance, event, acoustics, light, temperature, humidity, air pressure, fine dust, distance, vibration, and much more). For this we use radio standards such as LoRa / LoRaWAN, Bluetooth LE, NB-IoT and Sigfox. Furthermore we develop individual special sensors for our customers that have not yet existed on the markets. Examples for this are a sensor for reading mechanical short-circuit indicators with the help of a camera module and a machine learning algorithm or the acquisition and automatic evaluation of special operating data for forklifts.

We have also been developing customer-specific dashboards with the latest technologies since 2012. Whether progressive web apps, static websites, programming interfaces or a complete backend system including database infrastructure and hosting: We are as flexible as you need us.

Hse-electronics GmbH is characterized by many years of experience and the coverage of a wide range of hardware and software competencies that are necessary for sensor development. At the same time we can present you the latest technologies.