FLASHit Compact

FLASHit compact includes the FLASH-Program-Tool and your HEX-File.

Example view

The Compact-Version of FLASHit is bounded with a specially service of hse-electronics. You send us your HEX-file which is intended for your customers. We will add this file to FLASHit oem and send it back to you. Now you have a „one file“ version of FLASHit (1 MB + HEX-file). This Version can be copied as often as you want.

FLASHit compact

  • is the perfect tool for your customers to update firmware or data tables of their target worldwide
  • consist of one file for easy distribution via internet (< 1 Mbyte)
  • works with all current windows versions from Pentium on
  • supports data upload via RS232
  • supports all main bus modes of target systems
  • You can copy the Licence as often as you want in the settings of your project

Supported Controllers e.g.:
Infineon: C166: C161, C164, C165, C167 XC167: XC161, XC164, XC167 XE166: XE162, XE164, XE167, XE169 XC2200: XC2236, XC2264, XC2265, XC2267, XC2285, XC2286, XC2287, XC2297, XC2298, XC2299 XC2300: XC2363, XC2338, XC2364, XC2365, XC2385, XC2387, XC2388, XC2397, XC2398 XC2700: XC2797, XC2787, XC2786, XC2766, XC2785, XC2765, XC2735, XC2764, XC2734, XC2763 mehr…
STMicroelctronics: ST10: ST10F168, ST10F269, ST10F271, ST10R272, ST10F273, ST10F275, ST10F276, ST10F280 STM32F-1 Cortex-M3: STM32F100, STM32F101, STM32F102, STM32F103, STM32F105, STM32F107 STM32F-2 Cortex-M3: STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F215, STM32F217 mehr…
NXP: ARM Cortex- M0: LPC1100L, LPC11C00, LPC11U00, LPC1100L ARM Cortex- M3: LPC1300, LPC1700 ARM7: LPC2100, LPC2200, LPC2300, LPC2400, LH7-series mehr…
SiLabs C8051: C8051F310, C8051F410, C8051F500, C8051F700, C8051F800, C8051F902 mehr…
Micronas: SDA6000, SDA6001, M2