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The whole is more than the sum of its parts. To create more by using all the competence and ideas of the engineers Ralf Behrens and Frank Tonner has always been the compass for the set-up of the developing office hse-electronics to work out successful projects in the fields of micoelectronics.

It is common knowledge that microelectronics permeates all scopes of technology with an enormous dynamic. As a result of this fact therefore it is absolutely necessary to work out new ways for solutions without neglecting approved and experienced modes of proceedings.

hse-electronics is and has been prepared for this challenge. It uses the latest developments of microelectronics for solutions without neglecting approved methods.

The solution for the customers is most important for hse. hse has achieved a name as a “brain pool“ in the scope of the innovative “CAN-BUS“-technology: hse engineers have been in demand as specialists at symposia and other presentations to this prospecting Bus-System. hse-electronics-software-tools for the “CAN-Bus“ (CANopen DEVICEnet) are well accepted by companies that have opened themselves for the various fields of application.

In connection with the high-powerful-microcontroller, e.g. within the family of the C166- (16 bit) processors or the C515C (8 bit) by ”Infinion” innovative hse-electronics know-how can be interwoven with the development of production. Thus customers achieve a technological advantage.

Maximum output within a production can be achieved by integrating the resources of the customers with the competence and experience of the hse-electronics specialists: This has been the successful concept of service by hse-electronics.

At the beginning of a project intensive consultive talks are held with the customer in order to adjust the technology to the specific problems and requirements of the customer.








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