HEXit the universal HEX-File-Tool for analysis and modifying of
Intel Hex-, Motorola S-Record- and Binary-Files

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Use examples

HEXit Features:

  • Format change of Intel Hex, Motorola S-Record and Binary files into the other formats
  • Check sum generation (CRC 16/32) for files
  • Check sum can be written into the checked file
  • Splits files, for example to a controller’s internal and external flash drives
  • Links multiple files
  • Data generator creates constant numbers, ramps, or random numbers in order to test a system’s behavior
  • Graphical analysis of Intel Hex, Motorola S-Record and Binary files for
    • Storage allocation
    • Address distribution
    • Distribution of program codes / data
    • Multiple address allocation
  • Quick overview of large data structures via assignment of color values to individual byte values
  • Bar chart display of data
  • Command line parameters are supported
  • Windows versions up to Windows 7 is supported

Does the following problem sounds familiar?
You have compiled your project. The result: No errors and no warnings. Everything is functioning fine with your debugger. On the target system, nevertheless, nothing is in functions.

To find the reason of such problems, HEXit analyses the Hex-or binary file on

  • memory allocation
  • address distribution
  • distribution of codes/-Data
  • several times occupied addresses.

The result is shown graphically. So a quick discovering is possible.

In the called problem example the mistake can be, e.g. that the reset vector has not been occupied, or that the address area does not correspond to the hardware design. more...


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