In-Circuit FLASH Programming with FLASHitdeveloper
This tool is suitable for embedded software and hardware developers. It is not only useful for flashing targets, it has also the options for testing targets and target-applications.






In-Circuit FLASH Programming








Supported Controllers e.g.:

Infineon: C166: C161, C164, C165, C167 XC167: XC161, XC164, XC167  XE166: XE162, XE164, XE167, XE169  XC2200: XC2236, XC2264, XC2265, XC2267, XC2285, XC2286, XC2287, XC2297, XC2298, XC2299 XC2300: XC2363, XC2338, XC2364, XC2365, XC2385, XC2387, XC2388, XC2397, XC2398 XC2700: XC2797, XC2787, XC2786, XC2766, XC2785, XC2765, XC2735, XC2764, XC2734, XC2763 more....

STMicroelctronics: ST10: ST10F168, ST10F269, ST10F271, ST10R272, ST10F273, ST10F275, ST10F276, ST10F280  STM32F-1 Cortex-M3: STM32F100, STM32F101, STM32F102, STM32F103, STM32F105, STM32F107  STM32F-2 Cortex-M3: STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F215, STM32F217  more...

NXP: ARM Cortex- M0: LPC1100L, LPC11C00, LPC11U00, LPC1100L ARM Cortex- M3: LPC1300, LPC1700 ARM7: LPC2100, LPC2200, LPC2300, LPC2400, LH7-series more...

SiLabs C8051: C8051F310, C8051F410, C8051F500, C8051F700, C8051F800, C8051F902 more...

Micronas: SDA6000, SDA6001, M2

C161, C164, C165, C167, XC161, XC164, XC167, XE162, XE164, XE167, XE169, XC2200, XC2300, XC2700

ST10F1x ST10F2x / STM32F-1 Cortex-M3, STM32F-2 Cortex-M3

ARM Cortex-M0 LPC1100 / ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1300, LPC1700 ARM 7 LPC2100, LPC2200, LPC2300, LPC2400, LH7


SDA6000, SDA6001, M2


8 Bit

16 Bit

32 Bit



STM 10

STM 32 ARM Cortex M3

NXP Cortex M0/M3 ARM7

Works with all current versions of Windows

Format of Uploadfile: Binary

Format of Uploadfile: Intel-HEX



Format of Uploadfile:Motorola-Srecord

OnChip FLASH-memorys are supported

Reads out the flash contents into “hex“- or “bin“-files,

Analyses your Hex-File so only the needed memory will be erased

Converts your HEX-file into a BIN-file so the upload will speed up enormously

Generates automatically serial-numbers of the target-system




Supports external 8- and 16-Bit FLASH-Memories

Can be controlled by commandline, e.g. from other applications

Commandline generator is integrated

Saves system configuration of the target system




Supports all main busmodes of target systems. Supports Chipselect 0-4


Supports data upload via RS232




Supports data upload via USB/C2

Analysis of the Uploadfileto the target system conformance

Starting of application from the FLASH memory

Creates the checksum (CRC16) of parts or the whole content of the FLASH-memory

Makes a comparsion with a given checksum

Calculates a check sum from a file

Automatic switch to the Bootstrap mode

Resets the targetsystem after upload

Writes a single parametre (16/32 bits) into the FLASH memory

Supports the ĄChip-Erase“- and the Sector-Erase-Modes of FLASH-memories

Displays the FLASH-sectors of all FLASH-devices which are supported by FLASHit graphically


Can loaded the application can directly into the RAM


Starting an application from the RAM




Extensive test of the external RAMs

Displaying of single data from the FLASH RAM of the target system




Displays the analog input values of controllers

Offers an integrated terminal function that can display data, which are sent via RS232.



Sets and displays the SF-Registers of the target processors

It is used in the consumer -autotmotive - instruments and industrial machine branch worldwide

Offers the possibility to check the COM-interface

Makes it possible to create your individual upload-sequence

Diverse debug functions

Automatic baud rate


Supported external FLASH-Memories

Interface connection of FLASHit

8 Bit SiLabs C8051
16 Bit Infineon , STM 10
32 Bit STM32 ARM Cortex M3
32 Bit NXP ARM Cortex M0/M3 ARM 7

16 Bit Infineon STM 10

8 Bit SiLabs C8051
16 Bit Infineon / STM 10
32 Bit STM32 ARM Cortex M3
32 Bit NXP ARM Cortex M0/M3 ARM 7








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