1. Which kinds of requirements of the target system must be avaible for using FLASHit ?
    The target system must have a serial interface (ASC0) sheet.gif
  2. How is it possible to predefine that FLASHit will use COM2 and the file “turbo.hex for uploading?
    By using the comandline option: FLASHIT COM=2 HEXFILE=turbo.hex
  3. For addressing FLASH-memory an external decoder is used. FLASHit does not find the memory. Where is the problem?
    By using external decoders the Autodetect-Mode of FLASHit does not work. Help: The busmode (BUSCON0+ SYSYCON) can be set manually.
  4. The uploading HEX-file is about 100 kByte but FLASHit uploads only 49 kByte. Where is the remainder?
    The HEX-file (Intel-HEX-File) does not only content data like a binary file. It contents further information like addresses and checksums which are not to prgrammed into FLASH memories.
  5. Is it possible to program binary-files with FLASHit?
    The binary-file must be converted into a Intel-HEX-file beforehand (e.g. with “Bin2Hex)
  6. Is it possible to erase a protectet-sector with FLASHit?
    No. The only reason is a question of security.
  7. Why does download 115,2 kBaud not work?
    It is a question of the x-tal which is used
  8. Is it possible to use non supported FLASH types?
    If the used FLASH-type is compatible with AMD-FLASH only the sector functions cannot be used.
    Please tell us which kind of FLASH you want to use. We will build it in as quickly as possible.
  9. Is it possible to erase a sector via commandline option?
    Yes, with the command “AutoEraseSec=0x018000”
  10. How long does the upload of 128 kBytes need?
    The upload of 128 kByte data (e.g. 300 kByte Intel-Hex) needs about 18 s inclusive earasing of the FLASH ( P4-1,6GHz, 115KBaud, 16bit Bus, AMD29F200).
  11. My USB-RS232-Adapter does not work with FLASHit.
    Let FLASHit work in a low program priority. So the driver of the adapter will get more process time (Menue Setup -> Program priority -> low].





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